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About Ready Optics

We created the Extreme Resolution USAF product to meet our own needs, two optical physicists working as R&D engineers. We could not find commercial microscope resolution targets small enough to wring out a high magnification microscope objective. So we made the 2015a Extreme USAF Microscope Target. We weren’t alone. A large number of Researchers and Engineers have thanked us for offering these tiny targets.  We were subsequently asked by a CalTech researcher to make the Extreme Star, and at the same time we added the inverse USAF, transparent bars on a chrome field.

As of this writing (2020) we have stock in Amazon-USA and Amazon-Japan. We also have stock in Latvia for quick delivery to Europe. And we can ship mostly anywhere in the world from this webstore.

We also supply targets to Catalog Houses with their label.

We like Supplying a product at a fair price that researchers want and need. Watch this space! We have new products coming.

Founded by John McDonald and Dr. Simon Prince in 2012. We have shipped these nano scale targets all over the world to researchers working on applications we never dreamed of. Cool!

We are headquartered in Los Angeles County

john at readyoptics.com