UNMOUNTED Extreme USAF, Microscope Resolution Target

Unmounted Extreme USAF Resolution Target

Crhome Bars in a Transparent Quartz Glass Field

Fits in tight spaces  where a slide cannot be used

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Same specs, indeed same target, as the 2015a USAF, positive chrome bars on glass field, without the metal slide. It is just the 9 x 5.2 x 1 mm diamond shaped quartz substrate with the pattern.

This is for tight spaces.

Without the metal slide.

9mm x 5.2mm  x 1 mm diamond shaped quartz substrate with the USAF pattern.

  • This target is the positive polarity of 2015a USAF target.
  • The field is Quartz Glass and the tri-bar pattern is chrome.
  • Manufactured by: Ready Optics Company
  • 137 nanometer Single Bar or Space.
  • High Contrast Chromium on Quartz Glass
  • Conforms to 1951 US Air Force MIL-STD-150A
  • Starts at Group 4, Element 1; (31 µm bar width / 62µm period)
  • Ends at Group 11, Element 6 (137 nanometer bar width / 274nm period)

Note: an unmounted target is tiny, much harder to use, harder to clean and much easier to lose. Use a mounted target if you can. But sometimes small is what you need so we made this available.


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